Sunday, July 18, 2010

1st Farmer's Market:)

Busy, busy, busy! There's been a lack of updates on the blog because I haven't made any new cards for awhile. My friend Amie, her mother-in-law Molly and I went to our first farmer's market on thursday. I went to get all of the cards that I had made and realized that over half of them weren't finished!! So all of the time spent in my craft room was used to do the insides of all of my cards:) New Rule: finish a card top to bottom (before you use the patterned paper you need on another card). Anyways, it was a fun farmer's market and we will definetly do it again. I didn't sell any cards to any strangers, but my co-workers were very supportive:) I did manage to cross an item off of my 10 Things To Do in 2010 list: sell a card at a farmer's market (Molly was very sweet and was my very first customer:) Here are some pictures:

Aren't these hypertufa pots super cool! Might have to buy one for myself at the next farmer's market:)

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