Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What A Wunderful Holiday!

Well another christmas has come and gone....It was wonderful to get to see so many family members over the holidays this year. And of course it was fun to watch our nieces and nephews open up their presents. I loved our conversations about Santa Claus, etc. so much fun!! I'm not ready to take down our tree just yet and I'm justifying it because there are still a couple of gifts under the tree that haven't been opened yet:) No cards to share with you today although there should be a lot to come in the near future with all of the craft supplies I got! Wow I am a lucky girl:) But I did want to share a quick picture of the mondo egg we got from one of our chickens the other day:

It's massive! I definetly feel sorry for whoever laid that one! Poor girl. Jesse and I both have our guesses as to who did it (he picked Sophia and I picked Blanche). Can't wait to have a huge New Year's Day breakfast with our friends to use up all of the eggs that have stockpiled in the fridge!

I hope all of your holidays were wunderful too!:)

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